Vandals Hit Fringe Venue at Putney Arches

But the shows must and will go on despite thousands of pounds of damage

Unwanted ventilation as vandals cut through venue tent


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On Friday night/Saturday morning (11/12 May) vandals took a knife to the tent and equipment at the venue for a Wandsworth Fringe show taking place at Putney Arches . Nothing was stolen but thousands of pounds of damage was done to the tent, electrical equipment and drapes on loan from Putney Arts Theatre.

A spokesperson for Fragility Takeover said,"They hadn't stolen anything but they had cut open three of the four canvas walls, sliced through hundreds of pounds of electrical cabling and, most tragically, cut through nine custom sized theatrical drapes, on loan to us by our kind supporters at Putney Arts Theatre."

Determined to Keep Calm and Carry on they tweeted:

The team from London have set up a fundraising page to try and cover the damage:
"Yesterday (Saturday) we managed to put on all 14 of our scheduled performances with minimal problems and we'll be running another full week of programmes over five exciting venues next week, but we face the realisation that £10,000 of damage is substantially more than the amount we can ever dream to make from this festival. If. nothing else, we'd like to return Putney Arts some new, uncut drapes so that they can continue to support community theatre for the coming year without problems. Anything else we can gain here will go towards buying new tech equipment and in the dream scenario we will have the money to afford to pay our bar, front of house and technical staff for the volunteer overtime they all did today".

May 17, 2018

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