Scamming Equipment Found At Barclays Cashpoint Putney High Street
Police advise shielding keypad when entering your PIN

Camera and battery found behind cashpoint in Putney

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On Sunday (8 December) forum member Mark Derry discovered scamming equipment on a cashpoint machine outside Barclays Bank on Putney High Street. He posted on the forum: "The first (on the right) didn't pull the card in so we tried the one on the left. This took the car and the pin was keyed in and accepted. The cash point didn't deliver any money and asked for the card to be removed but didn't present the card. A few moments later a chap advised us that these were being scammed".

The man snapped off a device from the cashpoint and told Mr Derry that he has found similar items on other cash points and removed and broken them.

Inside the device Mr Derry found; was a pin hole camera to record the pin number being typed in; a small old mobile phone battery; a small circuit board and a memory card. He has passed these to the police.

We contacted Wandsworth Police, who gave the following advice:
When using the ATM:
• cover your PIN as you type it
• stand close to the machine
• use your free hand and body to shield the keypad as you enter your PIN
This will prevent any prying eyes or hidden cameras seeing your PIN.

Don’t get distracted. Be particularly cautious if seemingly well-meaning strangers talk to you or offer to help while you’re using the ATM. If they’re persistent, simply cancel the transaction and discreetly put your card away.

Fraudsters sometimes fit devices to cash machines that trap your card, or ‘eat’ it, which they then retrieve as soon as you’ve left the area. If an ATM eats your card for any reason, report it to your card company straight away, ideally using your mobile while you’re still in front of the machine.

Make sure you store your card company’s 24-hour contact number in your phone.


December 10, 2019

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