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24 hour drinking how will this affect you, and the battle against flytipping ........


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A bar in Battersea has become the first venue in the borough to apply for a change to its licence under the new regulations..

It is still too early however to know how many establishments in Putney will seek later hours.

Both the council and the police are concerned. We do not share the Government's view that longer hours will mean less disturbance.
We don't have enough officers in Wandsworth now -and does anyone really believe that allowing people to drink more will make them better behaved?

You only have to be Putney High Street on a Friday night to see just how pervasive the binge drinking culture has become. Too many very young people trying too hard to get drunk.

It's not just the police and the ambulance crews who will find their
resources increasingly stretched. The extra mess will make the job of our night time street cleaning teams even harder. Wherever you live in Putney you are likely to be close to a bar or pub. You
don't need to be living on the high street to experience first hand the problems of noise, litter and anti social behaviour.

The licensing committee has an important job deciding on applications from local pubs and clubs. If a bar near you applies for a late licence we will want to know what you think. Look out for notices posted in the window or sign up for the council's new email alerts for licensing applications in your area. These can be found on or simply visit

Edward Lister

Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.