Councillor Lister writes to Putney

Easter - a busy weekend in Putney, Investing in Putney, 20mph & more ....


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If your Easter holiday plans have been scuppered by the BA union’s strike there’s plenty going on locally to keep you entertained.

It’s Boat Race day on the Saturday which means the popular Putney music festival will be running at local venues over a three day period.  The action starts on Friday, April 2 - check out what’s on at and support your local businesses. 

We know Putney has a lot going for it, so in these gloomy economic times it was heartening to see the response to last week’s launch of the ‘Invest in Putney’ campaign.

More than 80 key players from the retail, leisure and commercial sectors were shown around the town including commercial agents acting on behalf of major companies.

By showcasing the town’s attractions and highlighting the purchasing power of a strong and vibrant local community, the aim is to attract investment in Putney from businesses of all types.

One of the borough’s biggest strengths is its affordable council tax – still the lowest in the UK and £900 less than in neighbouring Richmond. If people pay less in tax they have more to spend in the local economy.

The council wants the power now to set its own business rates – rather than have these fixed in Whitehall. This would send out a strong message to new investors – as well as helping those that are here already.

Anyone who lives in the west Putney roads bounded by Upper Richmond Road and Putney Hill knows the problems of rat running in this area. Now if local residents agree, the council plans to introduce a 20mph limit in the roads west of Putney Park Lane. The aim is to make the area safer for all road users especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Network Rail’s plans to extend three of the four platforms at Putney station are part of a long term move towards longer trains which can help ease problems for rush hour commuters. These should be running on the Windsor line by the end of 2011. Now all we have to is keep the rail authorities to their own timetable!

Finally the council will be creating new flats for rent to local people in the former clinic on Cortis Road. It’s part of Wandsworth’s ‘hidden homes’ programme which converts disused spaces estates into good quality accommodation at a fraction of the cost of new build.

It’s such a common sense way of producing new housing, I can’t think why more councils don’t do the same.


Edward Lister
Leader of the Council

March 17, 2010

Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.