Vampires Kiss Under Putney Halfmoon

Twilight pair spotted smooching in local pub

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The two leading stars from the hit film Twilight have been spotted in a romantic embrace in a Putney pub.

Young actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had been the subject of rumours that they were going out together for some time but the couple finally appear to have gone public.

They chose the Halfmoon in Putney, a live music pub that just weeks ago had been threatened with closure and was only saved after widespread protests from local people and music fans.

The pair were low key about the evening out in which 23 year old Robert Pattinson was watching his younger sister Lizzy perform a live gig where she was supporting Starsailor lead singer James Walsh.

The 29-year-old musician was quoted as saying "Robert and Kristen were there to support Lizzy as she took the stage. I was very flattered to learn they stuck around for my set too."

The pair made their romance official to the world outside Putney by confirming it at a post-BAFTA Awards dinner later in the week.

Twilight is a film based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. Kristen plays a human teenager who develops a friendship with vampire Edward Cullen. He is called upon to protect her from a separate group of hostile vampires.

February 26, 2010