Threat of closure to the Cancer Resource Centre

A spokesman for the Council responds


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Letter to the Council re cut in funding

Article from The Times regarding cuts

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"The council is facing some hard choices about continued funding for some of the activities run by local voluntary groups.

"The council has simply not been given the money by Government to adequately fund many of these. This has been coupled with a Government cut in funding for all council services of around £10m over the past two years.

"Despite these cuts in Government support we are still maintaining support to more than 200 groups at a cost of £18m - including almost £4.2m from the social services department.

"Wandsworth social services has been given a three star 'excellent' rating by the Government. We would love to protect groups like the cancer centre and the bereavement service from the impact of Government cuts but we have to concentrate our resources on those areas where ministers provide funding and expect us to deliver results."

February 6, 2004