Dedicated to Tackling School Age Robbery

crack down on youth-on-youth crime all September


Putney man admits series of armed robberies

Teenager admits murder of Leila Rezk

Police in Putney

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At the start of September Wandsworth police launched a month-long operation to crack down on youth-on-youth crime by proactively targeting known gangs on the borough and patrolling robbery hotspots before and after school.

The beginning of a new school year always sees a rise in school age robberies, so from this Monday there will be increased patrols around the robbery hotspots to stop criminals from loitering in the area.

This is a borough wide operation with each unit playing a major role in the prevention and reduction of school age robbery. These resources will allow us to act on fast-time intelligence to deal with unfolding incidents and maximise any evidential opportunities.

Superintendent Clive Sutton, of Wandsworth police, said: “Transport links, shopping centres, parks and the areas around schools and colleges are the robbery hotspots and we are mixing a strong visible presence with undercover policing to stop robbers from operating.

“Our Safer Neighbourhoods teams have identified the local venues where young people meet and will be patrolling these establishments during peak times to ensure people are safe.”

Police crime prevention advice includes:
Do not take the latest technological gadgets to school;
• If you do, do not show off the fact you have them.
• Use a UV pen to mark your property.
• Try to travel in groups on your way to and from school.
• Tell your school or the police if you or someone you know has been the victim of crime.

Mobile phones are a major attraction for robbers and it is important you keep a record of you International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI).

There are two ways of learning your IMEI number. You can do it electronically by entering *#06# or take the back off your phone and read the IMEI number from the adhesive label stuck to the inside of the phone.

September 21, 2007