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Elliott School

Elliott is a Foundation school, with a large number of pupils; 1400 boys and girls on the register. It has done well in recent years and this is reflected in heavy over-subscription.

How do you get in?

Applications are made directly to the school by contacting the admissions secretary in the September of the year preceding entry. The school operates a Banding system, which means that children are placed in ability groups, with 20% of applications for each group being accepted. (Based on results of the Wandsworth year 6 Test). Where the number of applications exceeds each group the following criteria are applied: 1. - where the applicant has a sibling at the school. 2. - where there are special medical/social grounds for admitting the child. 3. - distance of home from school, those living nearest get priority. Appeals may be made if a place is not offered.

Contact details


Pullman Gardens,




(020) 8788 3421




Tony Willis