Welcome to the Putney Animal Hospital!

Welcome to the Putney Animal Hospital

We provide a high quality 24-hour Veterinary service for sick and injured owned, stray and wildlife animals. Treatment and care is given to animals belonging to people who are on supplementary benefits or low income who cannot afford private Veterinary fees and who live within the M25 area. Stray pets and wildlife found within the M25 area are also treated at Putney Hospital and then released or re-homed.

With eight wards, two operating theatres, X-Ray, laboratory, dispensary and a 24-hour telephone service, customer care is one of the top priorities - and that means owners as well as the animals!


Every weekday our clinics are open from 9am to 4pm, seeing over 40,000 outpatients a year. At other times, the Vets and Nurses are available for emergency treatment.

HAPPY ENDING!Some stories have a happy ending! Because this cat was fitted with a microchip, he was re-united with his owner after being missing for five weeks!


The hospital admits over 20 stray cats a week, but not all the strays are cats. There are birds, reptiles, amphibians and lots of small mammals - guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, hamsters and ferrets. Wildlife and exotic casualties include foxes, water birds, raptors, snakes and even the odd badger, seal and tarantula!


Like so much of Veterinary Nurses' work, nursing in the stray wards is particularly rewarding. The injuries and illnesses are often very severe, requiring intensive nursing and lots of TLC.

Dealing with animal welfare cases and working alongside RSPCA Inspectors is also part of charity care. Finding new homes for these animals is very hard, but the real challenge is nursing these often-neglected animals back to good physical and psychological health.
Nurses say that discharging an animal that has been nursed back to health is one of the best parts of the job!

RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital 6 Clarendon Drive London, SW15 1AA
Phone: 0300 123 0716 24 Hour emergency service


Details can be found by clicking on the individual schemes:

Christmas 2008 - Pamper you Pets with gifts from the Shop

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Grand Summer Fair

Sponsored Walk - The Windmill, Wimbledon Common 11.00hrs Sunday 28th July - raised just over £500.

Autographed Chelsea Football - raised £300 in February 2002.

RSPCA is registered charity no. 219099.


We are a voluntary group that helps to provide better equipment and facilities for the animals at the hospital. There are many hundreds of members who join for just £5. Maybe you would like to help in some way too. If you would like to help in the shop click here for details.

Please come into the shop next to the hospital if you are interested in becoming a 'Friend' or write to Angela Cope, Putney Animal Hospital, 6 Clarendon Drive, London SW15 1AA.


Did you know that the Friends Shop is a mini Pet stores?

Leads and Collars
Pet Foods
Hand knitted blankets
Dog Coats

We also sell snacks and drinks and good quality second hand goods

RSPCA is registered charity no. 219099.