It's A Dirty Job!

Why do it yourself? Choose The Oven Cleaning Company


The Oven Cleaning Company
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You can't avoid it any longer, since Christmas it has been calling out to you as everytime you open it you stare into the dark abyss that is your oven! You owe it to your oven to do the job but cant face it? Well The Oven Cleaning Co may be your knight in a shinning silver van!

Established for 15 years they were the first independent company of this kind to offer only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. There are no fumes and your oven can be used as soon as we walk out your door.

The staff are fully trained, professional and are there to advise you at all times, including help finding a suitable replacement oven in the run up to Christmas last year! The staff are all police checked and trained in Health & Safety plus First Aid.

I had the oven and micro combi cleaned before Christmas - the fumes of burnt offering was too much to bear and so by the time the Christmas guests arrived I had a shinning single oven and micro combi all cleaned for £79.20 plus the costs of two light bulbs which were replaced. The ovens were pristine and there were no fumes, no unsightly drips (last time I tried the job myself the fluids dripped down and stained the draws and flooring below - never again I swore).

Readers of will receive a 10% discount if they quote "PutneySW15" when you make your booking by calling 01428 717174.

February 12, 2013