Putney Shoppers Joining 'The Fish Fight'

Portland Scallops report changes in demand in purchases at Saturdays market


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Jamie Walker of the Portland Scallop Company has seen a change in demand from Putney shoppers choices at his stall on Saturday mornings in Putney, since Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's programme Big Fish Fight on Channel 4 on 11th, 12th & 13th January.

Last year Putney shoppers purchased a lot of salmon & prawns but Jamie told PutneySW15.com that the company had already altered its stocks to demonstrate their support for sustainable species - all their fish are sourced from the West Country.

Jamie says:
"Not only have we seen a change in demand - with bass, cod, mackerel & of course scallops being very popular but we have noticed that we have also seen an increase in people buying fish keeping us busier than ever - and this has been since the show was broadcast."

"Last weekend we sold out of mackerel despite talking more than we would have done last year - also we noticed that people are wanting trout to replace salmon dishes!"

For those who are keen to get their fish from Jamie you will find him or Gerald every saturday at the market on Church Square from 9am - 4pm and this week he will be bring west country sourced lemon sole, monkfish, bass, gurnard & mackerel plus rope grown mussels and diver caught scallops.

If you want to support HF-W's campaign what can you do?

•    Sign up to the campaign on the sign up page. You will be writing directly to policy makers in Europe to let them know that the unnecessary and unethical discarding of perfectly good fish must stop. We can make a difference. If enough people sign up to the campaign, they have to listen to us. We aim to get 250,000 signatures by summer 2011.

•    Write to your MP to ask them to support the Fish Fight Early Day Motion.

•    Expand the selection of fish that you eat by trying some of the lesser-known species of local fish currently being discarded as trash. In the UK, cod, salmon and tuna account for more than 50% of the fish that we consume, and tasty, exciting and nutritious fish such as flounder, dab, coley and pouting are overlooked and thrown away.

•    Spread the word, tell all of your friends and family about Hugh's Fish Fight and get them to sign the campaign too.

Comedian Harry Hill supports the Fight:
"My Mum always used to say to me 'Don't worry there are plenty more fish in the sea' But sadly this is no longer the case. Hugh's Fish Fight makes a lot of sense - get on board."

January 20, 2011