Check Your Email Filters For Permit Reminders

Warns council as it sends out 61,000 renewal messages

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Residents who have renewed their parking permits online are being advised to check the settings on their email accounts to make sure they receive reminder messages when their old permit is about to expire.

The council sends out thousands of reminders each year telling residents that their permit is about to expire and that they need to apply for a new one.

These reminders are sent out six weeks before the old permit expires to give residents plenty of time to get a new one.

People who have applied for a permit online, or given the council their email address automatically receive an email reminder. This year more than 59,000 of these emails have been sent out.

People who apply in person at the town hall, or do not provide an email address, get a reminder letter in the post. More than 1,500 of these letters have been sent out this year.

In order to make sure that the email reminders get through correctly, parking chiefs are urging residents to double check that their email filters are not treating them as junk mail or spam.

Transport spokesman Cllr Russell King said: "The town hall does all it can to remind people that they need to get a new permit. We simply don't want residents to get unnecessary parking tickets so we try to give them plenty of warning that their old one is about to expire.

"But in order to make sure this warning system works properly it's important that people check their email filters to make sure these messages don't get blocked. If that does happen then people may not get these timely reminders and may not remember to get their new permit."

Permit reminders are sent out from the email address People can mark this address as safe to ensure these emails arrive in their inbox. Alternatively they should periodically check their junk mails and mark any relevant messages as "non-junk". 
The council wants to make it as easy as possible for residents to renew their permits and so sends out reminders, although there is no legal requirement to do this.


June 30, 2013