Free Energy Assessments To Help Keep Bills Down

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Wandsworth residents looking for ways to reduce their household bills are being given the chance to sign up for a free energy saving assessment.

Providing they privately rent or own their home and are one of the first 145 residents to take up the offer, they will receive a Green Deal assessment worth £140.

The offer - part of the Government's Green Deal scheme - involves a home assessment being carried out in order to establish the most cost-effective measures to improve the household's energy efficiency, such as better insulation, boiler upgrades and/or double glazing.

Once an assessment is complete, a Green Deal Advice Report will be issued, which explains what improvements can be made, estimates by how much bills could be reduced and details what financial options are available - but there is no obligation to have any work carried out.

Wandsworth's environment spokesman, Councillor Jonathan Cook, said: "At a time when energy costs have experienced dramatic rises we want to help make residents aware of ways in which they can improve fuel and energy efficiency in their homes and hopefully keep bills down.

"As a borough we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint and making sure households have the most energy efficient installations supports this aim.

"The assessments help residents make positive changes without any immediate financial outlay and with installation costs ultimately being covered through lower energy bills."

Residents interested in signing up for an assessment on their home will have until September 30th to do so, with free assessments limited to the first 145 participants.

Anyone interested should call Climate Energy, which manages the council-backed offer, on 0800 035 2327. Alternatively, visits for more information.

September16, 2013