A Right Royal Wedding Weekend in Wandsworth

The second highest number of street parties in London are in your patch!

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Wandsworth will be awash with bunting on Friday as residents take over the streets, parks and gardens to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

A staggering 79 street parties will be staged across the borough on April 29 - the second highest number in London behind neighbouring Richmond which will host 85.

Hundreds more celebrations will take place in local parks, schools, housing estates, pubs, bars, homes and gardens.

The council's environment and culture spokesman Cllr Sarah McDermott said:
"Wandsworth will have more street parties than the whole of York, Southampton, Oxford, Manchester and Liverpool put together. It's a tremendous display of the old fashioned community spirit we have here in our borough.

She continued "The events will range from small neighbourhood get-togethers, to giant parties with thousands of revellers. It's going to be a truly momentous day! The council has stripped away the red tape involved in holding a street party and waved the usual fee to make it easier and cheaper for organisers to set them up. The result has been record numbers of applications from people eager to celebrate this historic day among their neighbours and friends."

April 27, 2011