Council Announces Tax Freeze For Fourth Year

Councillors vow to "... find new and innovative ways of delivering services ...."

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Wandsworths council has announced that tax will be frozen for the fourth successive year, putting it on course to again be the country’s lowest.

The council will not be increasing its share of the tax this year and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has also frozen his share for the third year running. This means the cost for the average Band D property will again be £687. 

Deputy council leader Maurice Heaster said the council was committed to balancing its books without putting the burden on hard-pressed local people.

He continued:  “Many years of prudent financial management have put us in a stronger position than many other local authorities, and have helped us keep our council tax low. It’s no secret we need to make savings of at least £55m. We are looking at all the services we provide and the way we are structured to makes efficiencies and savings that will have as little impact as possible on frontline services for our most vulnerable residents."

“And as part of our Wandsworth Challenge agenda, we will find new and innovative ways of delivering services by working more effectively with local people and voluntary and community groups.  What will result will be a smaller, leaner council that delivers excellent local services without hitting people in the pocket.”

The council’s budget requirement for 2010/2011 will be set at £202m.  The proposals for 2011/2012 will be considered by the finance and corporate resources overview and scrutiny committee on March 2 before being voted on by the full council on March 9.

A typical two person household living in the majority of the borough will pay a Band D tax of £682 in 2011/2012 – the same as in the current year. Band D residents liable for the levy of the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators will pay a slightly higher inclusive figure of £707. Across all properties the average Band D amount payable will remain unchanged at £687.

Richard Tracey London Asembley Member for Wandsworth & Merton has hailed Boris Johnson’s new budget as a great deal for Merton and Wandsworth.  Speaking after the London Assembly today passed the Mayor’s third budget, Mr Tracey said:

“This is Boris’s third budget. It’s the third time he’s frozen the GLA precept on the Council Tax. Under Ken Livingstone the precept increased every single year.  But he’s still on target to put more police on London’s streets by the end of his first term than there were at the start. During his time as Mayor Safer Transport Teams have been introduced, youth crime has fallen by over 10%, robberies are down 19%, knife crime is down 10%. This is a fantastic achievement and a great deal for my constituents.”


February 23, 2011