Emergency Help For Carers

Find out more at a series of road shows in June

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Find out more on (020) 8877 1200 or at www.carerswandsworth.org.uk.




If you are a carer, you may worry about what will happen to the person you care for if you are suddenly unable to be there for them.  

The scheme enables carers to draw up plans to ensure the person they care for is looked after if they are taken ill, have an accident or another emergency.

A Carers Emergency Support Scheme Worker from Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will meet with you to work out an Emergency Plan. This plan will then be held by the council.  You will carry a pocket-sized card that lets the emergency services know that you belong to the scheme.

If the worst were to happen, the council’s emergency control centre will put into action to ensure the cared-for person continues to receive the care they need.

To find out more look at for the roadshow at the following locations between 11am and 3pm:

  • Putney Exchange, June 2
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, June 3
  • Clapham Junction Asda, June 8
  •  St George’s Hospital, Tooting, June 9. 


May 20, 2010