TfL Changes Some Plans For Tube Closures During London Surrey Cycle Classic

Richard Tracey AM shares assurance from TfL boss

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Richard Tracey AM, London Assembly Member for Wandsworth, has this morning received an assurance from TfL' boss Peter Hendy.

Richard says "l am pleased my intercession with TfL has succeeded"

Below is a copy of the letter from Peter Hendry:


The date and route of the cycle race in question (the London - Surrey Cycle Classic) was decided by LOCOG, not by TfL.  TfL is simply facilitating the race for LOCOG.  However, I’m happy to reassure you that the Tube will be running to and from Putney Bridge and East Putney on the day of the race.  With South West Trains also providing a service to Putney, I am confident people will easily be able to travel to Putney to watch the race.

The race coincides with the month-long closure of the Circle and District lines between High Street Kensington and Edgware Road from 23 July to 23 August.  This is a major closure during which we will replace four kilometres of track and associated drainage, carry out a complex signal upgrade at Edgware Road and undertake many other upgrade related projects.  It is not possible for us to stop this work part of the way through, though as explained below there is no need to do so in any case.

This closure was planned well in advance of the cycle race and announced in December 2010, three months before the date of the cycle race was announced. Once we became aware of the race we cancelled a planned closure on the Central line, to improve connections to and from central London.  The Circle, District and Hammersmith & City line closures on that weekend are linked to the month-long closure mentioned above, though they will have only a minor impact on the service to Putney.  The Wimbledon service will continue to operate, with only a slight reduction in frequency as a result of the suspension of the Edgware Road services, but still with ample capacity.

There will be no planned Underground line closures during the Olympic and Paralympics Games.




June 2, 2011