The Haven Launches New Weight Management Programme

Course in Fulham open to all people affected by breast cancer

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National breast cancer charity, The Haven has announced the launch of a new weight management programme at one of its Haven in Effie Road in Fulham.

The programme is available to all people affected by breast cancer, every Tuesday evening from January 15, and includes topics such as why diets don’t work, managing cravings, emotional eating and the proven benefits of exercise and mindful eating.

Weight gain can be a common feature for many people following diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. After treatment, many people find they struggle to lose the weight they gained. This can make them feel low and can alter their energy, sense of vitality and crucially, the ability to exercise.

Through a number of weekly classes, The Haven’s nutritional therapist, Julie Webb, will support breast cancer patients to achieve their dietary goals using a tailored programme based on The Haven’s recently published Guide to Healthy Eating.

Tina Glynn, London Haven Programme Manager says: " I am pleased that so many of our visitors at The Haven have shown interest in this weight management programme as I believe it is a vital step in making a healthy recovery.

"Anyone affected by breast cancer is welcome to attend the programme even if they haven’t visited The Haven before. If you eat well, you will feel well, especially with a strong support network of friends by your side."

If you think this programme could help you, please book a place at Reception on 020 7384 0099 or book online at

The Haven ask for an optional £5 donation to help cover costs. The Haven provides, completely free of charge, a wide range of therapies which help people deal with the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer. These therapies include one-on-one nutritional sessions as well as groups and classes.

In a class, such as the weight management programme, visitors can meet others who are in a similar situation and hence benefit from sharing these experiences and possibly a few nutritional tips and healthy recipes also.

There are three Havens in the UK. As well as the local centre in Effie Road, just off Fulham Broadway, there are Havens in Hereford and Leefs in Yorkshire. The Haven does not receive any government funding so is entirely dependent on charitable donations and fundraising events to raise funds. In Fulham, it is being supported by Sainsbury's in Fulham Broadway, and in October staff from the Haven turned the Broadway pink by decorating the centre with 1,500 balloons to raise funds and mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month.



January 7, 2013