Date Night At Wallace & Co

Missing England play Montenegro but husband came out smiling!

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Wallace & Co
146 Upper Richmond Road Putney, London,
SW15 2SW
T: 020 8780 0052

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Following a scrummy editors lunch at Wallace & Co I felt it was time to share the secret with my other half and despite booking it on a football night he returned home approving of the whole experience!

Starting by sharing two small plates of courgette fritti (£3.50) & Thai chicken & peanut cakes with chilli sauce (£5.50) (pictured above) whilst enjoying our G&T's (£6). The courgette fritti served with mayonnaise were crispy, not greasy and frsh tasting. The chicken cakes came with more of a smooth chilli jam rather than the more traditional clear and very sweet chilli sauce, which got the thumbs up from both of us.

I opted for a healthy option of corn fed chicken breast with new potatoes, peas, watercress, broad beans & tarragon jus (£12.50) which was a great choice - succulent chicken with al dente greens and the jus light enough to not overpower the flavours.

My husband chose the sea bass with piperade (a sweet yet tangy sauce of onions, peppers, tomatoes, and spices from the French Basque region) & saffron potatoes (£14) pictured right plus a side order of spinach with nutmeg and shallots (£3.50). He has a love of fish and a belief that fish is a great dish to order in restaurants - their delivery is always fresh, they have the fiddly task of filleting & your house is not left with the "fishy" smell the next morning! The sea bass fillets were tender but had a pleasantly crispy skin.  Taken together the plate was an attractive mixture of textures and colours.

We chose Baron de Badasseiere vioigner wine (£23) a fresh, light version, pale but bright, with intense fruity aromas.

Gregg is known for his love of puds (more of the below +) and we both decided to put his choices to the test. As a lover of treacle tart I was intrigued to see how theirs compared to past experiences. As with all courses the portions were generous and the tart was scrummy - a dark golden brown with a great lemon tang in short pastry served with a dollop of clotted cream (£5). My husband chose the baked vanilla and blueberry cheesecake (£5) although he was sorely tempted by the summer fruit pavlova with vanilla cream (pouring with rain that night the concept of summer seemed a dim & distant memory. The cheesecake was firm-textured, with the sweetness pleasantly offset by the sharp taste of the whole, baked, fresh blueberries.

With a large bottle of sparkling water, espresso coffee & fresh mint tea our final bill was £80.20. We thought this was good value, given the quality of food and presentation, and the sophistication of the dishes. The new season's menu is being introduced this week & I have a feeling our teenage sons would love to come and try the breakfast choices which are served until midday.

  + Gregg's Great Putney Pud Off!
As we go to press we have been advised of a competition that all readers are invited to take part in........

On 12th November at 7pm Gregg will be at 146 Upper Richmond Rd (the restaurant!) to judge puddings brought in to the restaurant.
The winner will receive a cheque for £500 made payable to their chosen charity.

If you want to take part then please email to let them know you are entering and then get creative in the kitchen!


October 16, 2013