Putney Cricket Club Match Report

Ugly scenes at Ventnor deprived Putney of a win they wouldn't have deserved

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Putney Cricket Club
The Pavilion
Lower Richmond Road,
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Ugly scenes at Ventnor deprived Putney 1st XI of a win they wouldn't have deserved. You cannot come to a free scoring ground like Ventnor and bowl a staggering 52 wides! Extras totalled 70 - almost two an over before a run off the bat!

We enjoyed a bright start, getting the oppo 41-4 courtesy of Jarret and Middleton and two sharp catches at slip by Shaw senior. JJ got 3 for fifty odd but was inconsistent. Wendy was much more disciplined, as was Chinny, but we lacked a little depth and hence some control.

Welcome guest Lee Vidler had a loss of confidence with the ball and, returning from injury, forgot when in his action to let go of the ball. Three above waist full tosses was deemed intimidatory and the umpire removed him from further bowling action. A stand of 130 move the game in Ventnor's favour and only smart stumpings by Ebersohn ensured they were all out (for 241).

Bailey (0) fell early and Woody (9) looked in hot form but Will M. (65) continued his recent good form by scoring freely to hit 50 out of 67 off 40 balls. Ebersohn (1) went early and Lee Vidler (67) started slowly with 18 off 40 balls before powerfully accelerating and getting another fifty of only 43 balls. Chinny (19), too low in the order, hit powerfully, but we fell 20 odd short.

The sun shone and it was a fine day out, much enjoyed by all. Ill-disciplined bowling cost us the game.

Doug Shaw

July 21, 2010