Santa's Tips For The Festive Season

Police pass on crime prevention advice to local residents







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  • Keep presents & valuables out of view, away from windows & doors. Close your curtains when it gets dark so burglars can't see in.
  • Lock all windows & doors when you go out.
  • Make your home look occupied whilst you are out, leave some lights & a radio on or invest in timer switches which can turn lights & radios on. Remember to turn off festive lights when unattended to avoid fire.
  • When carrying bags make sure they’re fastened securely - if you are a wheelchair user keep bags in front of you where you can see them.
  • Do not carry or withdraw large amounts of cash whilst shopping or socialising.
  • Do not flash your valuables - mobiles, MP3 players & purses - Keep them out of sight & secure in your bag or pocket.
  • When using public transport make that call or text before you leave the train station where it is well lit, staffed and safe, then put your mobile away.
  • Don't leave bags of presents or shopping on display in your car - always use the boot & make sure you take valuables including your car stereo, SATNAV & holder with you when leaving your car.
  • Drink responsibly, enjoy the festivities but be aware of your surroundings & plan how you will get home safely – arrange to travel home with friends & only use minicabs that are licenced.
  • When travelling don’t take risks or short cuts, stick to well-lit main routes & let someone know where you’re going.
  • Keep an eye on vulnerable and elderly neighbours, consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Group

December 15, 2011