A New Online Community For Homeowners

A new website that allows you to read feedback about local estate agents

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Everyone has had an experience with an estate agent. However, trying to choose one when selling or renting your home can be difficult, especially if you don’t have family or friends living in your local area who can recommend one. While buyers and tenants have a wide choice of property portals to use in the search for their home, it is very difficult for homeowners to find qualitative information about local estate agents except through word-of-mouth – a problem that the new online community MeetMyAgent.co.uk aims to solve.

In the same vein as hotel and other product review sites, MeetMyAgent allows homeowners to choose their estate agent based on independent reviews written by past clients, transforming “word-of-mouth” into what they like to call “Word-of-Web”. But MeetMyAgent has one fundamental difference to other review sites: the estate agents listed on the site have done so voluntarily. The site aims to be the place where consumers can literally “meet their agent” and not just a forum for comments, and already has a number of household names listed with them, including Douglas & Gordon and Winkworth.

Ivor Dickinson, Managing Director of Douglas & Gordon, says, “We have worked hard to ensure that D&G has become a name synonymous with excellent customer service and innovation – which is why we were proud to be the first major independent to join MeetMyAgent. The website stands only to benefit those agents who are doing a good job for their clients, particularly in an industry which has such a poor reputation.”

Selling or renting your home can be stressful at the best of times. After all, your property is one of your biggest financial assets and you will want to ensure that you receive it’s full worth. However, that can be difficult to realise in the current economic climate, especially with trends in the housing market varying from region to region, as well as area to area. This is why many seek the advice of estate agents who, as experts in their field, have good insight into the local market.

As a community website, MeetMyAgent provides information that is relevant to a person’s locality, which is why corporate chains are rated at a branch level and not as an entity. This allows consumers to make a choice based on local performance, while allowing estate agents to monitor their branches and implement changes where necessary.

Carl Burgess, Manager at Winkworth Shepherd’s Bush, comments, “As franchisees, we are encouraged to actively engage with the local community so that we too have a vested interest in ensuring each client receives exemplary service. This is a great way to showcase what we do for our customers and why we continue to be a leading brand in the UK.”

MeetMyAgent.co.uk currently covers the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, as well as Putney, and will be expanding into other London areas over the coming months.


28th September 2011