Lib Dems Launch 'No To High Rises' Campaign

And report an "overwhelming response" from residents

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In response to the concerns of local residents the Putney Liberal Democrats have launched a “No to High Rises” campaign which is receiving an overwhelming response.

Putney residents may have heard about the planning proposals for the Upper Richmond Road currently under consultation by Wandsworth Council. Many local residents believe that 15 storeys – twice the height of the existing skyline – is too tall. Putney Liberal Democrats also note that the current proposals do not meet the Council’s targets on, among other things, Affordable Housing or Car Parking provision.

In response to local residents’ concerns they have created a petition. Residents who believe that the existing proposals do not meet the needs of local people should follow the link below to add their name.

Lisa Smart, Chair of Campaigns for the Putney Liberal Democrats said, “We have been overwhelmed by the response to our campaign and are urging local residents to add their voices to those of their neighbours by asking Wandsworth Council to put local people first.”

Should you have any questions or wish to get involved with the campaign, please contact Lisa Smart on

February 21, 2011