MP Denounces Government Over Heathrow

Justine Greening condemns refusal to allow parliament to vote on issue

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Putney resident and MP Justine Greening has said that the Government’s decision to override the local community’s concerns and push ahead with a third runway at Heathrow airport will mean more planes, more noise and more flights over Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, although Ministers have backed off from announcing an immediate end of runway alternation.

Ministers have also refused demands for a Parliamentary vote on Heathrow.

After the statement by Secretary of State for Transport, Geoff Hoon, Justine pressed Mr Hoon to come to Putney to visit local residents and hear concerns, which the Transport Secretary appeared to agree to.

Justine said, “Ministers are getting on with their plan to expand Heathrow in spite of massive public opposition from across our community.  Residents of Southfields, West Hill and parts of Roehampton now face a third runway flightpath overhead and more noise.  On all day flights, Ministers have backed off for the timebeing but previous assurances to local communities have been totally worthless.  Today’s Heathrow expansion announcement breaks earlier promises given by previous Ministers when they gave the go-ahead for Terminal 5.  Then they promised a maximum 480,000 cap on flights and that there would not be a third runway – both promises are now broken, so it is impossible to trust Ministers on Heathrow.

It is deeply concerning that Ministers have signed off on a plan that the Environment Agency said could harm public health.”

Justine’s ‘No to Heathrow expansion campaign’ has been joined by thousands of other local residents who are determined to halt plans for an all day flights third runway at the airport.  David Cameron has already announced that the Conservative party will veto any expansion if they were to win the next election.  Despite vehement public opposition, revelations about the increase in aircraft noise and the environmental impact, the Government will now press ahead with proposals.

January 16, 2009