Elliott School - Campaigners Call To Demo

Save Elliott School will be at Council meeting this evening

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Ed Lattimore told PutneySW15.com:
" Please demonstrate with us against Wandsworth Borough Council's attempts to silence public opposition and debate about the sale of Elliott School playgrounds and sports facilities.

He continued:
"We will be demonstrating between 6.30pm – 8pm tonight (Wednesday 4th July), Outside Wandsworth Town Hall. We are demonstrating about:

1. The proposals to sell 40% of the school (300% reduction in area of sports pitches).
2. The councils recommendations to refuse a variety of public deputations which would present new evidence and information.

Two weeks ago a special council meeting for Elliott School was cancelled in spite of the campaign and English Heritage’s preparations to address the committee. At the following education scrutiny meeting the council then refused another of our formal requests to speak. This was in spite of being told to come up with alternatives and to present further information (which we have done).

The FINAL meeting is now upon us and we understand 4 deputations are being requested:

1. SES campaign (section 77 application and alternatives)
2. Group of ex-Elliott teachers and governors (educational considerations)
3. Westleigh Avenue residents group (commercial and WBC sale process flawed)
4. The Twentieth Century Society (heritage considerations)

The first 3 of these have been recommended for refusal by the Chairman of the Committee, Leslie McDonnell (lmcdonnell@wandsworth.gov.uk). Therefore we propose a demonstration outside Wandsworth Town Hall from 6.30pm, Wednesday 4th July.

With or without us speaking the meeting will go ahead as planned at 7.30pm in room 123 and you are all welcome!!

Since the original proposal the council has agreed to 2 minor amendments following intense public pressure. As a result the school will provide a far better environment for learning and we should all feel pleased about that. Political pressure DOES WORK and we call upon all our supporters to join us tomorrow for one final push for a further amendment to the proposals (section 77 application) which remains terribly short sighted and damaging for education and the future of this historic and much loved site.

Bring banners, whistles, mega-phones, ghetto blasters, etc!"

July 4, 2012