CIVIC Campaigners Push For 20mph Speed Limit

On residential streets in Wandsworth with petition

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Wandsworth Cycling Campaign



CIVIC campaigners want to give people in Wandsworth the chance to support a blanket 20mph speed limit on their residential and shopping streets.

While some zones in the borough already have this as the maximum, lobbyists are petitioning Conservative controlled Wandsworth Council to launch a consultation over whether to extend the restriction to all quiet side roads.

It is hoped the survey would demonstrate locals back the idea of slowing the traffic in the name of improving safety and the environment.

Jon Irwin, vice-chairman of Wandsworth Environment Forum (WEF), said:
“One of the main reasons that more people don't choose to travel by foot or bicycle is a fear of being hurt by other road users. In Wandsworth in 2009, 56 per cent of all those who were seriously injured or killed on our streets in collisions were pedestrians and cyclists and only 12 percent were car occupants. To reduce these unnecessary injuries and deaths of our neighbours, and the burden both emotional and financial that they bring, a reduction of vehicle speed is essential.”

Supporters including Battersea Society, Putney Society, Sustrans, Wandsworth Society, Wandsworth Older People's Forum, Wandsworth Environment Forum, Wandsworth Living Streets and Wandsworth Friends of the Earth set up the web-based petition on May 11, and are encouraging as many residents as possible to add their name before the three month e-deadline ends on August 11.

The campaigners hope Wandsworth Council ultimately follows in the footsteps of Islington Council in north London where a blanket 20mph speed limit on residential roads was introduced in January 2010.

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May 20, 2011