New Project to Get Kids Smiling

SMILE means Sharing, Movement, Imagination, Learning and Empathy

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Wednesday 5 May will see the launch event for the SMILE project, which NHS Wandsworth is running in partnership with Wandsworth Borough Council. The event will take place from 3-6pm at the Battersea Arts Centre and will be a chance for health professionals and the public to learn more about this innovative project.

The SMILE project was commissioned to bring together the many initiatives and strategies that are being delivered in Wandsworth relating to the promotion of Positive Emotional Health and Well-Being (PEHWB) for children up to 12 years old.

SMILE means Sharing, Movement, Imagination, Learning and Empathy. These are five key themes to achieving and maintaining positive emotional health and well-being.

The SMILE package of resources includes a DVD, booklet and handbook. The aims of the resource are to:

  • Celebrate good practice in Wandsworth early years and primary settings.
  • Raise awareness of Wandsworth services that support PEHWB.
  • Promote the links between public health and education in early years and primary settings in Wandsworth.
  • Support a whole service and organisation approach to PEHWB.

Graeme Markwell, Health Improvement Manager at NHS Wandsworth said:
‘The SMILE project is about much more than just learning. It’s about helping children to develop into adults who are able to cope with life and all the highs and lows it may bring’

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April 28, 2010