Tom Whitaker Plans To Bring The Taste Of Our Sea To SW London

Masterchef Runner up to launch the inaugural 'Day Boat Co-operative'

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St Ives from where the fish will be sourced

The Duke's Head
8 Lower Richmond Road

020 8788 2552


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After living in Italy for 3 years Tom learnt a few lessons, but he says that the main lesson that has stuck by him and has shaped his cooking ever since is what the Italians call Localismo, which literally translates to localization. The true meaning is the use of local and native sustainable ingredients to represent the true identity of food.

The Day Boat Cooperative is a project that he has been working on for sometime with Darren Woodcock & Terry Ahern, and this event is their first foray into the public eye, they are aiming to link London diners with some of the amazing fish that comes from the small day boat fleet launched from St Ives.

Tom told
" As well as giving our guests the opportunity to eat some amazingly fresh fish, you’ll also be able to sample some species that you may not have eaten before, cooked in innovative ways in a great locale."

He continued: "Our menu will be seasonal and based on whatever the fisherman are landing so it will be a menu that truly reflects the catch. The catch will be transported to London upon being landed and will be cooked and served that very day to allow the quality of the ingredient to really shine. Going forward, the hope is that we can foster a relationship between the coast and Southwest London and provide a direct link with the fisherman, giving them a better price for their catch and allowing our guest to really experience the fruits of the British coast at their very best."

They have teamed up with the Duke’s Head on the river in Putney to offer a night of seafood gastronomy that their hope is to become a regular fixture in the Putney dining calendar. The inaugural dinner will be held at The Dukes Head, 8 Lower Richmond Road on Wednesday 21st of November. For reservations, please contact the dukes head on 020 8788 2552. Tickets are £35 per head for 4 courses and are limited so we recommend that you book in advance

November 13, 2012