Britain's Mark Cavendish Won The London-Surrey Classic on Sunday

Putney was unusually traffic free & street parties accompanied the event

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Fresh from his win of the Tour de France points green jersey, Cavendish, completed the 87-mile course around London and Surrey in three hours, 18 minutes and 11 seconds.

The one-off race, named the London-Surrey Cycle Classic, began on The Mall and took in two ascents of the signature Box Hill climb in Surrey, as well as venturing through Fulham & Putney en route to Hampton Court Palace, Walton-on-Thames, Guildford and Dorking.

This year's route is shorter than the one the men will tackle at the London Olympics.  For the Olympics in 2012, seven more large loops will extend the men's race to a distance of 155 miles (250km), while the women's race distance will remain 87 miles (140km).

In an interview with the BBC he said:
"The crowd were incredible the whole way,  you can't get a sense of how the 2012 race will go, but you can get a feel for this course and the route is good."

Mark continued, "It's going to be a bit nervy [in 2012], there are a lot of  roundabouts which make me nervous with a big bunch of guys, but it's a nice course."

Many newspapers have reported angry drivers with frustration over road closures & diversions - as yet nothing on the local forum but the Daily Mail did report that a race steward in Putney High Street admitted the road closures had been ‘chaotic’ with staff left in the dark over when diversions would be lifted. 

Putney waits.....
Whoops the bus that forgot!
And here they come ..... and more.....

and yet more...... & then the support cars

photos courtesy of Judy Allen

August 17, 2011