Super Hero Needs Super Website

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Is it a bird? is it a plane?
No it is Supercyclingman.
Brandlehow Primary Teacher To Cycle From Tooting To Turkey

Brandlehow Primary Teacher To Cycle Round The World Over 6 Years

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A 36 year old primary school teacher from London has recently won £1500 to help his plans to cycle around the a superhero costume. Will Hodson (otherwise known as SuperCyclingMan) aims to use the funding from Kukri Sports to build a website that will encourage children to follow his round the world cycling adventure and get them out and about on their bikes.

He is currently looking for webdesign teams to help him complete the work on his website in time for his 4000km ride from Turkey to Turkmenistan this July.

“I have so much fun cycling around the world in my SuperCyclingMan costume. By creating a really amazing website with games, blogs and interactive maps I aim to encourage children to get on their bikes and have adventures of their own.”

To train for his round the world ride Will currently cycles around 200 miles each week, fitting in rides around Richmond Park and the surrounding area after busy days teaching at school and at weekends. Will recently completed a gruelling 130km bike ride in Scotland - the Etape Caledonia - finishing in an impressive 3 hours 35 minutes.

“I organised a sweepstake at school to predict my finishing time to raise money for charity. There were all kinds of guesses from 3 hours up to 7 hours. I felt like the whole school was watching me do the ride so I HAD to put in a good time! I'm sure I would have been even quicker if I hadn't decided to wear a kilt over my SuperCyclingMan costume on the bike!”

As well as encouraging children to do more cycling, by cycling around the world in his
superhero costume, Will Hodson aims to raise £100,000 for five charities: World Cancer Research Fund, Parkinson's UK, Sustrans, World Bicycle Relief and World Wildlife Fund.

You can follow the adventures of SuperCyclingMan on Facebook and Twitter.
As Will says:
“There aren't too many people on Facebook or Twitter called SuperCyclingMan, so it should be easy enough to find me!”

If you work in webdesign and can help SuperCyclingMan create a website fit for a superhero, please contact him at

September 9, 2014