More RHN Residents On The Move

with the help of Jumbulance Trust

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A national medical charity providing assessment, rehabilitation treatment and care for adults with profound and complex disabilities caused by disease or damage to the brain or other parts of the nervous system.


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On 19th May, a group of residents and staff of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) travelled to Woburn Safari Park with the help of The Jumbulance Trust.

The Jumbulance Trust exists to make it possible for those, like the residents of the RHN, who would ordinarily find it very difficult or impossible, to travel on holidays and day outings in larger groups.

The Trust has a number of different vehicles with different adaptations. In this case five residents were able to enjoy a day out whereas in the past the RHN would have been able to accommodate two residents per trip.

Jumbulance is able to fit up to six of our residents with adapted wheelchairs into their vehicles, with space for others to enjoy the day together – a total capacity of 24. This enables greater support for longer distance outings with flexibility to return from a day trip at the time dictated by residents and families.

Suzy Thomas, External Activities Co-ordinator at the RHN, said “The outing to Woburn Safari Park with Jumbulance was really successful. All the residents really enjoyed the trip. The vehicle was really comfortable and Brendan Kelly, the Trust’s driver, made everyone feel at ease.

Now that we have discovered what Jumbulance can offer first hand, it will be possible to try longer journeys, starting with weekends away.”


May 24, 2010