The Putney Society London Assembly Election Hustings - The 2012 Putney Debate

St Mary’s Church Putney Thursday 19th April at 8pm



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Meet the candidates for Merton and Wandsworth

--------   Richard Tracey AM (Conservative)  -------        


--------   Cllr Leonie Cooper (Labour)  -------- 


--------   Lisa Smart (Liberal Democrat)   --------


--------   Roy Vickery (Green)   -------- 

--------   Mazhar Manzoor (UKIP)   --------

In view of what looks like a closely fought campaign, the Putney Society hope you will come to their London Assembly Election Hustings next Thursday.


If you are intending to come you might like to know that BBC2 will be filming the Hustings and interviewing people attending them (This will take place before the debate between 7.15pm to 7.45pm) in connection with a history series they are making - in this case focussed on the Putney Debates. If you'd like to make a comment you might wish to come along a little earlier and take a look at The Putney Debates exhibition which will be open in the church from 7pm that evening - or visit the website


Details about the television series are as follows:

Maya Vision International are currently in the process of making a social history series with Michael Wood for BBC2. It is an eight part series starting from approximately 400AD until the present day. Interweaving the national story with the local, they ’re looking to set the lives of the ordinary people in the context of great events, showing them struggling with invasion, plague, famine and war - and often with their rulers - to make their own history and shape their own identity. You might have come across the last series they made ‘Story of England’ based in a village in Leicestershire, where they engaged with the local community to tell the story of that particular village through community-based research and archaeology. This is based upon a similar idea, but nationwide.

For more information see the ‘In Production’ page on:


April 15th 2012

April 15, 2012