Thames Comes To Life On Saturday

As over 400 crews compete in The Head Of The River

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The Head of the River Race is rowed annually in March from Mortlake to Putney on the Tideway in London. Over 400 crews of eights take part, making it one of the highest participation events in London, with crews coming from all round the world. This year's race will take place on Saturday March 23rd at 12.45.

Motorists who normally park their cars on Putney Embankment are being advised that parking bays there will be suspended on Saturday for the annual Mens' Head of the River Race.

The influx of dozens of large rowing boat trailers for the races along with a big crowd of spectators means that parking spaces on the embankment have to be suspended.

The suspensions will commence at 6.30am (tbc) on Saturday, March 23rd. Motorists who park their cars there overnight on Friday will need to move them by this deadline. Vehicles left in parking bays after this time are likely to be towed away.

Normal parking rules will be reinstated on Saturday evening once the rowing boats and their trailers have departed.

Signs notifying drivers of the changes have been placed on lamposts and signposts at numerous locations along Putney Embankment.

'8 Race' by Putney Artist Elisabeth Longridge

March 22, 2013