Local Primary School Children Get Out Of The Classroom To Learn On Site

Y1 & Reception from Brandlehow visited Putney Square as part of 'Homes & Houses' study

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Brandlehow School

Putney Square
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As part of a school project, pupils at Brandlehow Primary School geared up in hard hats and hi-visibility waistcoats for a fun and informative trip to Putney Square, Barratt West London’s leading development on Putney Hill.
The Reception and Year 1 pupils are currently studying ‘Homes and Houses‘ so, as well as being an enjoyable afternoon out of the classroom, Thursday’s class trip to Putney Square tied in with their schoolwork.  
The children, aged from 4 to 6 years old, walked a mile from their school and were greeted on site at Putney Square by ‘Ivor Goodsite’, the Considerate Constructors cartoon mascot.  

Having been taught about the dangers associated with active sites, the children were equipped with hard hats, high visibility waistcoats and safety glasses.  Once suitably dressed in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), each group was taken around the site of Putney Square.
As a result of their outing to Putney Square, the children have been set the task of designing a poster for their ‘Homes and Houses’ project and Brandlehow Primary School have invited Barratt to visit the school in December to look at the work they have produced.

Julia Reynolds, Sales Director of Barratt West London, commented:
 “It was fantastic having the children from Brandlehow Primary School, with all their energy and questions, at Putney Square for the afternoon. Luckily, we gave all of the children mini umbrellas, so the rain didn’t put a dampener on the day and the children were delighted that they got to keep them.”

“We are really looking forward to retuning the visit to have a look at their posters and we will be presenting the children with a surprise reward for their hard work.” 

Julia added:
“They all really enjoyed getting dressed up in the protective clothing and going on site.  We believe this interactive way of learning about the dangers of a building site should make it stick in their minds.”

November 19, 2010