Oxford 'Dark Blues' Win 16th Veterans' Race

By 4 1/2 lengths in 7 minutes 24 seconds

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4:30 pm Isis V Goldie
5:00 pm The Xchanging Boat Race

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Yesterday afternoon Sir Mathew Pinsent & Jonny Searle mde race history by becoming the first Olympic Gold medallists to compete in the Oxford & Cambridge Veteran’s Race when they
raced for the Dark Blues from the University Stone at Putney to Furnivall Steps, Hammersmith.

The two Olympic champions, who rowed in the winning Oxford boat in 1990, helped reduce the deficit of losses to Cambridge in the Veterans race, which stands at 10 to 6 in favour of the Light Blues.

The Oxford Veterans cheated victory today by 4 1/2 lengths in 7 minutes 24 seconds, in the 16th Veterans’ Race, with the help of Olympic Gold Champions Sir Mathew Pinsent and Jonny Searle.

Cambridge:  Bow Neil West, 2 Sean Gorvy, 3 Peter Jacobs, 4 Guy Pooley, 5 Graham Smith, 6 Matt Parish, 7 Richard Smith, Stroke Marc Weber, Cox Kevin Whyman
Reserves: Johnny Moulsdale and Iain Pritchard
Coaches: Rowley Douglas, Donald Legget, Richard Phelps, Kenelm Richardson

Oxford: Bow Hugh Pelham, 2 Joe Michels, 3 Kingsley Poole, 4 Jeremy Howick, 5 Daniel Johnson, 6 Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE, 7 Johnny Searle MBE, Stroke Rupert Obholzer, Cox Martin Watts
Reserves: Kit Lewis and Nick Holland
Coach: Dan Topolski

March 27, 2011