District Line Improvements for Wimbledon Branch

Richard Tracey AM for Merton & Wandsworth comments on the changes

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I write to express my full support for London Underground’s proposal to increase the number of trains on the District Line’s Wimbledon branch.

As the Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth, I am only too aware of the severe overcrowding on the Wimbledon branch. It is particularly acute during peak hours and means that thousands of commuters from my constituency have the daily ordeal of being crammed into carriages in ‘cattle-truck’ conditions.

London Underground’s plan to provide an additional five trains on the Wimbledon branch during the morning peak hours will offer much-needed relief for my constituents. The 12% increase in capacity will make a substantial difference for commuters, ensuring that they no longer have to endure unacceptable levels of overcrowding on their daily journey to work.

The proposal to achieve this increase in capacity by redeploying trains from the Kensington (Olympia) line represents the most efficient use of limited resources. Commuters from Merton are often frustrated that their trains are extremely overcrowded whilst the Olympia trains are virtually empty. With Olympia now receiving an additional Overground service, it is entirely appropriate for London Underground to review its provision and re-route its trains to the busiest part of the District Line.

I would urge London Underground to introduce the proposed changes to the Wimbledon service as quickly as possible, and ideally ahead of the planned roll-out in December 2011. As far as my constituents are concerned, these improvements to the District Line cannot be implemented too soon.

Richard Tracey
AM for Merton & Wandsworth

June 14, 2011