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Find out why many of your friends and neighbours are signing up to Streetbank

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Sam introduces streetbank on YouTube


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Streetbank was started up by 32year old Sam Stephens from Fulham and 37 year old Hammersmith resident Ryan Davies, and launched in April in Fulham and has since spilled out into neighbouring areas especially Putney and Shepherd’s Bush.

Sam had become good friends with his downstairs neighbours through lending and borrowing stuff – starting with small things like a pint of milk, but getting bigger to hedgecutters and ladders and ultimately Sam and his neighbours took the walls of the garden down and shared the garden. Sam talked to Ryan who was in IT and had started other successful websites and out of their friendship and some long conversations was born.

How it works

To join, simply type in your postcode and add one thing that you are willing to offer. Then draws a circle round your house of 1,000 yards and everything within that area that your neighbours have added you can ask to borrow/pick up. It is essentially a big collective attic, garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, DVD collection and skills bank.  

Putney residents have been early adopters with now over 300 Putney residents using the site. works all over the country but Londoners have been the fastest to join. We have 3,500 members in London with about 2,000 of these based in West London.

Sam told

"We hope that will change the way people think about what they own and what they need. We believe that fosters community spirit,saves people money and reduces landfill."

January 26, 2011