New Penalty Notices For Offences In Richmond Park

Police can now issue £50 fines for littering, cycling and dog fouling

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The powers, already available to police officers in other parks and public spaces across the capital, will help police deal more quickly and efficiently with the following offences:

• Littering
• Cycling outside designated cycling areas
• Failing to clear up after a dog
These three offences are all breaches of The Royal Parks’ regulations.

The Royal Parks welcomes the new powers which will ensure a clean and safe experience for visitors to London’s eight Royal Parks. The new measures are also supported by the Metropolitan Police.

More information about cycling and walking your dog in the parks is available on The Royal Parks website

Linda Lennon CBE, Chief Executive of The Royal Parks, said:
“This is good news for those who visit the Royal Parks. The measure will help the police deal with the minority who can prevent others from having an enjoyable visit to our safe and clean parks.”

Simon Davis, Chief Inspector Royal Parks, said:
''We want to maintain the safety and enjoyment of the Royal Parks for everyone. This will provide an effective means of dealing with the minority of people who flagrantly breach Royal Parks regulations."

July 11, 2012