Local Entrepreneur Launches World's First Police Approved Mobile Personal Safety App

His goal: to empower the user & provide evidence to catch the criminal

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Wandsworth resident & internet entrepreneur Mikkel Dissing, has invented a new app, PanicGuard as a solution to the ever increasing problem of people’s fears about feeling safe. He spent two years perfecting the product, making sure it works in the most stressful and terrifying of situations.

Mikkel said:
“Everyone has a right to feel safe on the streets and in their own homes, but sadly that is not always the case.  It is illegal to carry anything for self-defence but having the PanicGuard app can give people confidence because they know that it is easy to send out an alert if they are in danger and gives them security at their fingertips."

He continued :
“Our goal is to empower our users to feel more confident knowing that without doing anything more than shaking their phone they can instantly alert friends and family who can call the police to come to their aid and they will have the evidence to help them catch the criminal.”

PanicGuard is an app that works as a gateway to a security service that protects people in dangerous and life-threatening situations. It is the world’s first app that has been awarded Police Preferred Specification (PPS) by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

PanicGuard works day or night, in any location where someone might be in danger or is being attacked, mugged or raped whether out on the streets, on the bus, in an empty building or even at home.

More than just an app, PanicGuard is a service that is activated by simply shaking or tapping a the phone, turning it into a real-time GPS tracker, alarm and video recording device which once activated sends instantaneous alerts to emergency contacts who will be able to see what is happening and call 999.   While protecting it is also gathering evidence to help the police identify, track down and punish the perpetrators. 

For example a woman walking home alone after a night out, senses she is being followed, she has activated her PanicGuard and the phone pulses reassuringly, telling her that it is already tracking her location. Then the worst happens and she is attacked. Shaking or tapping her phone, PanicGuard instantly and without her attacker knowing, sends alerts to her chosen emergency contacts via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter who can see where she is and what is happening to her, they can contact the police and get help to her fast. If she shakes the phone again it will emit an ear-piercing alarm which could act as a deterrent.
Detective Chief Inspector, Martin Ford, Head of the National Mobile Crime Unit says:
"The MPS is supportive of all responsible efforts to improve the personal safety of individuals within our communities. Integrated, well thought out solutions such 'PanicGuard' have the potential to contribute to the security of vulnerable persons by using new technologies to their best capacity".

Women’s and Men’s Domestic Violence Charities have also embraced PanicGuard. Chris Green of The White Ribbon Campaign UK, an organisation of men working to end violence against women says:

“One in five will suffer stalking or violence in their lifetime, and one in four will suffer domestic abuse in their lifetime. The White Ribbon campaign welcomes the introduction of PanicGuard that increases the safety of women and increases the likelihood of successful prosecution of perpetrators”.

Interested? Readers can get 50% off the first three months subscription:

Firstly, go to www.panicguard.com and register.

For a special 50% discount for the first three months, please use voucher code: sw15

The PanicGuard service only cost £3.99 a month, which gives you full access to all our services such as real-time tracking, real-time video and unlimited usage. Once you have completed the registration, go to your app store and download the app using the details you registered with.


January 25, 2012