Mother in Law To be Steps In To Defend Future Daughter-in-law

After the Grooms step-mother's rant went viral

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Most grooms find the run up to their wedding a time for nerves and concerns, but for one Putney groom a whole new dimension of pre wedding tension has gone public nationwide. 

Last week readers of the Mail and the London Evening  Standard will have read about the email from Freddie Bourne's step mother Carolyn Bourne admonishing his fiance Heidi Withers for her apparent lack of manners and 'ladette' behaviour.

This week Freddie's mother Penelope Godfrey, who also lives in Putney has told the Evening Standard:
"It has not got that much to do with me really. The whole thing has opened a can of worms that really should not have been opened.  I love my son and Heidi is a charming girl who I have never found rude - not once. She is also Freddie's choice and will always be welcome in my home."

Freddie who runs Capital Cycles Ltd in Fulham has like his father declined to comment. The wedding is planned for October 2011.


July 4, 2011