Lib Dems Launch Campaign for Fairer Fares

Local candidate Lisa Smart is proud of the plan to make "fares fairer"

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Liberal Democrats were out in force at train stations and town centres across Wandsworth today to highlight their alternatives to the new year fare rises brought in by Mayor, Boris Johnson.
Local efforts were mirrored across London as party activists distributed leaflets setting out measures they hope will make fares fairer. Among the proposals are a new bus ticket, valid for one hour across multiple buses and outer-London travelcards.
Lisa Smart, the Lib Dem candidate for the London Assembly in the Merton and Wandsworth constituency was at East Putney Station this morning & Putney mainline station thsi afternoon. She said:
“Introducing a one hour bus ticket would make a massive difference to bus users whose journeys involve changing routes. Over a short distance they wouldn’t be charged twice when making a single journey.   The city's problems are far too big to be solved by Ken-Boris personality politics and bidding wars over fare prices - I'm proud that the Liberal Democrat team has come up with a five point plan of targeted action to make fares fairer".

Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick commented:
“My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have launched a five-point plan to make fares fairer, including bringing back outer London travel cards, introducing a one hour bus ticket, and special rates for early bird commuters to reduce congestion at peak times.  Londoners are fed up of Boris and Ken’s phony war over fares and hearing election promises that don’t stack up financially. Our plan would make a real difference to millions of Londoners, and ensure that travel across our city is affordable for all Londoners.”

The Liberal Democrats five-point plan to make fares fairer:

  1. a new One Hour bus ticket – so people can change buses without paying extra.
  2. Early Bird fares – so it’s cheaper to travel before the morning rush hour
  3. Part-time Travelcards – for people who don’t need to travel every  weekday.
  4. Re-zoning of stations where the current zone boundaries aren’t sensible.
  5. Outer London Travelcards - for people who don’t travel into the centre of town.


January 10th, 2012