What To Do Over The Long Weekend?!

Reena Sewraz of lovemoney.com shares cheap and free things to do over the Diamond Jubilee weekend


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Most of us have an extra long weekend to enjoy thanks to the Diamond Jubilee. Here are some cheap and free activities to help you fill the time!

We don’t have long to wait before the glorious four day weekend begins. It’s not often we get any extra holiday here in the UK so be sure to make the most of this bonus time off and help mark the 60th year of Her Majesty's reign.

Here are a few free and fairly cheap ideas to get you started if you haven’t already made some plans.

DIY afternoon tea party
Forget drunken revelry in the streets - an afternoon tea party is an altogether more refined way to mark this occasion that I am sure the Queen would approve of.

If the Dorchester or Fortnum and Mason are a bit out of your price range, there are a whole host of other hotels which offer this delightful afternoon treat at a more affordable price. Take a look at the venues in your area here.

Even better why not host your own DIY afternoon tea party? All it takes to celebrate Her Majesty’s reign in style is to get a few scones, some sandwich ingredients and a teapot of your favourite tea. For the pièce de résistance get your hands on a cheap cake stand to give your DIY afternoon tea party an authentic vibe.

Enjoy the green and pleasant land
If you get sick of all the red white and blue, take in some of the green and pleasant land instead. National parks and heritage sites are a great way to do things for free and explore the best of Britain. Fingers crossed the weather holds out!

Have a picnic in your local park or one nearby that you have never tried before. It’s fun for all the family and a few outdoor games should keep everyone entertained.

A walk is completely free and great exercise; take a look to see if an organised one is scheduled near you with over 600 local schemes at walking for health.

The National Trust has a number of events on at its various sites, so why not check one out?

There are tons of things happening over the bank holiday weekend that won’t cost a bomb to get into. One website worth checking out is Free-events.co.uk.

The Epsom Derby is where you can get your Royal fix for the weekend. The Queen will be in attendance on Saturday 2nd June and you could be near the action in the Jubilee Family Enclosure, which costs just £5 per ticket in advance.

Get cultured
Whether you want to see an original Picasso, experience science up close or view fashion through the ages there are hundreds of free UK museums and galleries to suit all interests. Take a look at the list put together by The Department of Culture, Media and Sport here.

If you want to keep a Jubilee theme to your weekend activities, why not go and see the The Queen: Art and Image at the National Portrait Gallery, a collection which brings together images of Elizabeth II during her reign. Kids under 12 go free but adults have to pay £6.

For more monarch indulgence why not take a trip to one of the Queen’s residences? Windsor Castle will be hosting an exhibition entitled The Queen: 60 Photographs for 60 Years, however, these exhibitions are not free, with tickets starting at £17.

Have a street party BBQ
It doesn’t sound very traditional but as long as the weather stays sunny, how can you miss the opportunity to combine the festivity of a street party with a barbecue? Get some bunting, a few tables and some burgers to keep everyone going throughout the day.

If there isn’t one already organised in your area, find out how to put one on quickly here. And to find out more details about your local street party check your local council website.

It’s not the most exciting or glamorous of things to do over the holiday, but just dedicating a day to sorting through your clutter will make you feel brand new.

Gumtree reckons households are clogged with more than £3,500 worth of clutter, so spending the time clearing out could reap rewards.

Take a look at some of the places we think are best to get rid of your unwanted goods in 12 top ways to make money selling old junk! And take a look on how to make the most profit with our Eight top tips for using eBay.

Reena Sewraz

May 31, 2012