Residents Missing Out On Grant For Renewable Heat

Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme has been extended until March 2014

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Green Square

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A third of people still don’t know that they can get a government grant to fund renewable heating in their home even though 93 per cent say that government funding would make them more likely to install the technology, according to a recent poll by the renewable energy store, Green Square.

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme has been extended until March 2014, when it will be replaced by the Renewable Heat Incentive, which is currently only available to businesses.

Green Square provides help and advice to householders and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint along with their household bills through renewable heating and energy technology.

Richard Hiblen, Managing Director of Green Square said: “There’s quite a bit of confusion out there about what funding is available for renewable heating and energy, but we can help people figure out what they need and how best to apply for it.

“Anyone who wants to claim a grant through the Renewable Heat Premium Payment voucher scheme now needs to have a Green Deal assessment done to see where they can improve the energy efficiency of their home, but it’s well worth it. The scheme not only means that householders will receive money towards renewable heating technology but with the government due to roll out the Renewable Heat Incentive next spring, they will also receive on-going payments for the heat their homes produce.”

When the Renewable Heat Incentive kicks in, it will pay 7.3pence per kilowatt hour for heat generated by air source heat pump, 12.2pence per kilowatt hour for biomass systems, 18.8pence per kilowatt hour for ground source heat pump and 19.2pence per kilowatt hour for solar thermal.

Richard continued: “For a homeowner with a standard three-bed family home using approximately 15,0000kwh a year through a biomass boiler, this would generate income of around £1,830 per year and over seven years resulting in £12,810 in total.

“Combining the initiatives is truly a ‘no-brainer’ and will help both the pocket and the planet.”

October 9, 2013