Bye Bye Wrinkles - Professional Wrinkle Reduction

Save 20% on the first treatment & keep natural expressions but lose the wrinkles

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Looking for Professional Wrinkle Reduction injections in Putney?

Alkali Guarantee: We guarantee a comfortable discreet treatment experience and a definite improvement in lines from facial expression.

We guarantee to maintain a natural facial expression for you and relax any areas that we agree on together to the degree requested.

We guarantee the results will last for 4 months.

We guarantee a review appointment in 2 weeks for everyone and a free treatment top-up at that visit if needed.

We guarantee to offer flexible options such as prepay annual plans & monthly payment plans to help it fit your budget.

Free guide to Botox & Wrinkle Reduction treatments.

What is the problem?

Dehydration, UV light & modern living can all accelerate the skin aging process leading to a worsening in the appearance of wrinkles formed by different facial expressions. This could be caused by squinting in front of a computer, frowning or even habitual expressions. If this continues over time this can lead to permanent lines on the face in areas that make you look older than you actually are.

If this concerns you luckily there is a way to prevent this.

Why do I need it?
Botox is a prescription medicine and works by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin which form wrinkles when they move. It takes around 4 days to take effect (there are no immediate visual changes) and you see the maximum result from the treatment 2 weeks later.

By selectively relaxing small parts of the overactive muscles for 4 months we can see a noticeable reduction in facial lines, which prevents them getting worse and makes you look fresher and healthier. We recommend the treatment to be done every 4 months to maintain a natural appearance.

What are the options for treatment?
There are 4 key areas which people choose to get treated. If you have a specific concern you can just address that, if you are looking for an overall rejuvenating effect then it is best to treat all the areas which contribute to accelerated facial aging.

How long do they take?
Around 10 minutes.

What else might be needed?
Dermal fillers can be used to plump up the skin underneath particularly deep wrinkles, ask for more information about this.


Everything we use is completely safe & collagen free.


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