Another Message From Gerry Campbell, Acting Borough Commander Wandsworth Police

Updating residents & businesses on arrests, images and police numbers


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  • Wandsworth Borough Police have so far - with the astounding support of the local community - arrested 127 people for a range of offences including burglary, disorder offences and handling stolen goods. Of the suspects arrested, 58 have been charged and put before the courts.

  • I have been absolutely astounded by local businesses and the local community in their support for Wandsworth police. They have been extremely patient with us as we have meticulously investigated the aftermath of the disorder and criminality on August 8th for which I am truly grateful. I know that many people wanted to access their businesses, clean the roads up, get access through Clapham Junction or had their travel plans disrupted - but their patience has paid off. As a result of the forensic work undertaken at the crime scene the police have identified 39 suspects who committed crimes in the area that night. They have or will be arrested.

  • The community has also supported the police by providing information to our patrol officers and the investigation team with at least 600 items of intelligence and information like putting names to CCTV images, calling Crimestoppers or have provided registration numbers of cars in the area. This information has now led to the execution of 157 search warrants, as a result of which suspects have been arrested and stolen goods have been recovered.

  • I can state categorically that suspects will continue to be arrested over the coming weeks and months. I am absolutely determined to ensure that people involved in crimes on this borough are arrested and held to account for their behaviour. We owe it to local businesses, local people and other people affected to ensure this is done.

  • I am grateful for the messages of support that members of the public have sent to us.

  • Wandsworth police are committed to preventing crime, disorder and keeping you safe, whilst identifying, arresting and prosecuting offenders. We are resolute in our determination to make Wandsworth Borough Safer.

  • Over the coming weeks we are committed to attending a variety of events and meetings across the borough, so that we can understand not only the impact of these terrible crimes, but how we can deal with the emerging issues.

How you can help

  • The operation to trace those responsible for the crime and disorder and those who caused damage in and to our community is continuing. Members of the community with information can continue to contact us so that offenders can be arrested by:
  • Viewing Images of Suspects - including those from Clapham Junction To view CCTV images of suspects involved in the disorder, please visit the following web sites and flickr

  • Images of Suspects - We have an investigation unit who are collating still and moving images. If you, your family or friends/colleagues have images of the disturbances then please save them and contact us by e mail (note the dash and dot):WMAILBOX-.VIIDO@MET.POLICE.UK Please include your name, full address and postcode and telephone numbers, so we can make contact. The investigation unit will make contact as soon as possible to arrange a mutually agreeable time to retrieve the images.

  • Contacting the Police - If you have any information about the people or the vehicles involved in the disorder please call 020 8247 8442 (for answer phone service), 020 8247 8444 or 020 8247 8422. Or you can telephone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Acting Borough Commander
Wandsworth Borough


September 1, 2011