Free University For Four Exceptional Residents

The University of Roehampton is offering to pay tuition fees

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The Roehampton Scholarships will be awarded to high-achieving local residents who are able to demonstrate a clear commitment to their local community. Recipients of the scholarships will have their undergraduate tuition fees - currently £8,750 a year - paid for them for the duration of their degree course; the scholarship is worth over £26,000 to each student.

Open to anyone who has lived in the London Borough of Wandsworth for two years (as at 31 January 2014), Roehampton Scholarships will be awarded to students with top A level grades and a proven commitment to their local community, for example through volunteering or other public service. Candidates must complete and submit a UCAS application by 15th January 2014, and have chosen the University of Roehampton as one of their main choices. Full details can be found at:

Announcing the launch of the Roehampton Scholarships, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul O’Prey, said: “The University of Roehampton has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research, and we also have a strong connection to our local community. We are looking for highly talented students who also share our commitment to the people of Wandsworth and to our environment, and who can convince us that they are prepared to make a difference in their community.”

The deadline for applications for the Scholarships is 15 January 2014. Recipients of the awards will be announced in March 2014.

September 26, 2013

September 26, 2013