Police Activity On Putney Bridge

Part of counter-terrorism Operation Penna

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Monday saw a joint counter-terrorism operation with police from Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) computers and officers from Safer Transport Command and Marine Policing Unit.

The initiative, Operation Penna, is designed to increase awareness of security and counter terrorism policing in London & was launched on Monday, 13 January by the Met. It was the second operation of its kind run by the Met. It involves co-ordinated activity focussed on reminding the public of the vital role they can play in helping to protect the capital.

The results on Monday were:

ANPR Southbound Putney Bridge:
808 ANPR reads
10 ANPR Activations: 7 DVLA no keeper, 2 DVLA no tax, 1 disqualified driver
2 seizures of vehicle for no insurance

ANPR Northbound Putney Bridge:
2084 ANPR reads
42 ANPR Activations: 1 intelligence report, 33 DVLA no keeper, 7 DVLA no tax, 1 no insurance
2 seizures of vehicle for no insurance, 3 FPNs, 1 report for summons

On the same day an identical operation was taking place on Wandsworth Bridge and the results were:

ANPR Southbound Wandsworth Bridge:
753 ANPR reads
16 ANPR Activations: 9 DVLA no keeper, 4 DVLA no tax, 2 no insurance
1 seizure of vehicle for no insurance.

Marine Policing Unit

Reassurance patrols: visits to riverside communities
Bridges' security checks

Over 200 members of the public were engaged with and spoken to in relation to Operation Penna and the wider Counter Terrorism issues by officers on the bridges or by Marine Unit.

Activity will be taking place across all 32 boroughs between 13 - 24 January, with tactics including high visibility patrols around crowded places such as shopping centres and transport hubs.

Officers will be providing information and briefings to businesses explaining the ongoing threat from terrorism and what they can do to protect themselves from it.

Briefings will also be held for officers and staff on every borough to highlight the key part they play in counter-terrorism policing by providing a link between national expertise and mainstream neighbourhood policing.

Commander Richard Morris, from Specialist Operations, said: "Everyone has a role to play in keeping London safe from terrorism. This operation sees specialist officers working closely with neighbourhood officers and communities raising awareness of security in London. We want to build on our engagement with communities and businesses in a variety of ways to counter the threat from terrorism. Our aim is to raise awareness and improve protection from a terrorist attack and other crimes. The threat to London from terrorism remains real and serious so we encourage the public to remain vigilant and alert and to report anything suspicious to police."

Anyone who has any information about unusual activity or behaviour should contact the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. In the event of an emergency always dial 999.

January 15, 2014

January 16, 2014