Wandsworth MEP Welcomes Mobile Roaming Costs Victory

Continuing the process from '07 to push down mobile phone costs for consumers travelling abroad

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The new EU price cap for calls will mean that from July 1st the price when abroad will be capped at 24p per minute. This cap will be gradually reduced so that by 2014 a call will cost a maximum of 16p a minute.   

But for the first time, there will also be a cap on data prices, thus making mobile email and internet use cheaper. This capped price will be 59 pence a MB from this July, falling to 18 pence/MB by 2014.


Sarah Ludford commented: 

“MEPs' aim is that competition will see tariffs abroad align on domestic prices. But in the meantime, EU pressure on the large telecoms companies since 2007 has been essential to stop the roaming rip-off and force prices down."

“The great new element is the cap on costs of data roaming. Many consumers offered competitive domestic rates by telecom operators don’t realise - until they get the bill - just how much they'll be stung for emails and internet use abroad. The new EU cap is one-fifth of the price charged by one UK operator."

“Londoners either on holiday or business abroad will have cheaper bills. When most people's budgets are under strain, that's something to cheer about."

May 9, 2012