Have You Been Offered 'Cheap Computers'?

Two Putney businesses have recently been burgled 'twice' for their IT equipment

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Just:Health PR, had around 25 IMacs stolen before Christmas and 4 laptops stolen yesterday.  The break-ins were witnessed and the first involved four men in two cars, breaking down the front door.


The other, an office-based company, had eight laptops stolen in December, four on a Friday night, another four the following day. They had CCTV (subsequently given to Police) and two men were involved, again kicking in the front door.


Companies are asked to be alert to the possibility of computer thefts; both from the value of the computers and the data on them. It would be worth reviewing your security and data-backup arrangements.


Also worth ensuring the key points of entry to your building (particularly offices) are capable of being made properly secure. A tightening economic climate may have unwanted consequences.


Anyone being offered computers cheaply should inform the police.

April 26, 2010