Wandsworth Police report significant impact on burglary

following Operation Anchorage......

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“Operation Anchorage” the MPS burglary initiative ran from 30 January to 31 March. Wandsworth saw a 19% decrease in reported residential burglary during the operation. Compared to the same period in 2005, this is a 13% reduction in residential burglary.

Detective Supt. Guy Ferguson, said: “We made a significant impact during this operation, but this is not the end, tackling burglary is a priority for Wandsworth police and we will continue to make every effort to arrest and charge burglars.”

Each Borough Command was required to focus on two key areas:

1) Arresting and bringing to justice those shown as wanted on the Emerald Warrant Management System (EWMS) for residential and non-residential burglary offences.

2) Dealing robustly with Fingerprint and DNA identifications for residential and non-residential burglaries by arresting, eliminating or circulating suspects within 7 days of receiving notification that marks have been identified.

All boroughs were required to reduce the number of suspects wanted for burglary and Wandsworth’s proactive and intelligence led approach to tracking them down resulted in 31% decrease by the end of March. Wandsworth police dealt with 71% of all burglary reports generated by forensic reports.

Det. Supt. Guy Ferguson, said: “The final objective of the operation was to act on forensic evidence linking or eliminating suspects to crime scenes.”

April 20, 2006